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Coming Abomination of Desolation

Francis “Review” of the Liturgy – Coming Abomination of Desolation

“Drafts from Santa Marta intercommunion” of Fra Cristoforo

[Thanks to a reader, here is a computer translation of an Italian website article.]
The chronicles of Santa Marta never end. Here is a statement that has nothing short of grotesque.
Meanwhile, today Bergoglio received a delegation “Ecumenical” of the German Evangelical Church .. read here
( ).
Apart from the usual syrupy speeches here is the usual “beatification” of Luther and his reform bla bla bla.
But there’s more. And I’ll just trust in a “safe”. Meanwhile already it circulated the news that the Bishop of Rome has given directions for a change of “Eucharistic Liturgy”.
He gave some tips, which then pass his scrutiny to change in a nutshell the rite of Holy Mass.
I quote only an article on this, but the net is full of sources
( ).
My confidential source of Santa Marta, referring heard some discussion – between lunch and the other – he told me that in fact the change of the Mass, wanted by Bergoglio, has PURPOSE ONLY: IS ECUMENICAL. I.e. “create” a Mass that is not in opposition to the Protestants and then a liturgy that we can celebrate “in communion”.
And ‘This is the truth. And this is his intention. A perennial liturgy that is ecumenical, however. Obviously I predict that Bergoglio to do this will also change the text of the “Consecration”. Which would make the Mass invalid. And I predict that even those who will refuse to celebrate with this “new rite” will be considered out of the Church. They are coming up these days. And facciamocene a reason. The Bishop of Rome wants to become “el presidente” of the various denominations; and to do that Jesus Christ is selling at a price much lower than Judas.
As for me, since I am a priest, I will refuse to celebrate this type of liturgy. And I tell you that you will return to being Christians “catacombs.”
The intent of Bergoglio, then get to this. Change to “unite.”
Even now, in the discourse of those Lutherans, he has already mentioned that the liturgical division between Catholics and Protestants hurts especially the “couples” mixed
( ) …
So it seems to want to also accelerating them.
My Santamartese “source  tells me that it is almost done.
Only a matter of time.
Mala tempora currunt.
I suggest to all readers to pray the Madonna with many Rosaries. Not to dismiss these times. Because here we are. But because they help you to keep the faith. And to be persevering in time of persecution. That will come soon.
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